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Yo, just made this clan if you know good players let me know we'll play a game with'em and see if they're good enough. 

The idea of this clan is simply to get all the good players we possibly can so we never have to put up with baddie, pos, 0 teamwork, constant farm/jungle at lvl 18 with full item noob/troll/failhards anymore. Once we establish a good base of good players we'll be able to start forming a premade and getting to game with each other all the time so we can efficiently dominate 5v5's or even 3v3's. Obviously 3v3's are less popular, I'm not a huge fan myself but I've played'em and if a couple guys wanted to get a 3's premade going I'd be down for that too. 

There is no requirements or recruitment shit. Just don't suck, be a team player. Since that's 90% of LoL is teamwork and we should be good to go. I'll set up the forums so if you have an idea for a 5's that you want to try we can try out different strategy's and what not. 

An example is coordinated Ults (i.e.) Jarvan/amumu trapping some kids for an affective pantheon jump, anivia ult, ezreal ult, gangplank ult, mf ult. 

AoE combos, strategic ward placing with a team thats rolling either TF/pantheon and the rest of the team with teleports so the entire team can effectively port onto the ward for a quick tower or back.dooring the enemy w/e. Shit like that.

I don't care who your main is, get good with as many as possible we'd obviously like to get to the point where in ranked we can see what the other team is playing and create a list that dominates those characters. for example Master Yi > Ashe, any type of stun/silence > Katarina, Shaco > Kassadin, Warwick > Twitch. 

Anyways, that's about it for now. So the main concern is recruiting badass players right now. Hopefully we can get a good base of 20 or so really good players like myself, Kiryuto, Wallbanger, Iron Maidenn, Sebasdooms, Okaythen, etc. etc. Just naming a few that I know that know how to play their characters instead of the consistent pug that pops one cooldown then runs away. 

- Omnishred
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Here is a tool/download you can use to change the recommended builds.

OmnishredLoL, Mar 25, 11 3:57 PM.
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Recruiting is invitation only. Game with us, if you suck then fuck off. That's all there is to it. No ragers, if you're amazing at the game but you make our ears bleed in vent, don't bother. If you haven't hit puberty you won't be admitted either. Sorry, but if your voice annoys me I don't want you
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